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Sunlight, almost-warm against the winter air, glows through wing and tail
As seagulls curl and drop into the inky depths, rippling out the mirror finish:
Sun-shot, they look angelic til they open mouths in raucous riot.

Green fingers nudge the sleepy earth, unfurling hint of blossom;
Early risers, jonquils, whisper promise to drowsy bees, and
The daffodils wag their heavy buds in mock condemnation.

Still the fire cracks and hisses heat against the evening chill and
Mornings dress with shining veil of frost or dew, bare branches spangled
To greet the sun that rises slightly higher with each new salutation.
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It's funny how
The damage done
Seeps through in
Unexpected ways.

It's funny that
I feel ok
But behaviours show
I'm otherwise.

It's funny, no?
We think we know,
But truth be told
We're blind to

The funny lies
We tell ourselves
To keep life
Keeping on.

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Shimmer in the dying light

Shine brightly, let love's warmth glow
And seek out those who let love show
Choose for friends those rare folk who
Challenge, inspire and nourish you.

Learn to risk and push yourself
Don't live life sat on the shelf
Have the strength to hold your course,
When fallen, get back on the horse.

Give yourself the means to grow,
Fulfilling life is yours to sow.
As the year ends, come the night
Shimmer in the dying light.

With love, until next year.
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Now is the time of roses,
Heady scent held in the air,
Upright in oh-so-neat gardens
Or rambled across disrepair.

Now, when the sun tilts southwards
And the bumble-bees buzz with delight,
The afternoon warmth tends to languid
And gently gives way to cool night.

Now the plum tree grows heavy
With fruit filling fast, and I plan,
The harvest a month or two henceforth;
The sticky-sweet work of plum jam.

Now, when the sun rises early,
Wattle-birds cackle their call,
Life sings of summer's approaching
And I hum in tune with it all.


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