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Unscheduled blogging over at the Shape of Things to Come: giving in to the urge to wade into the super-trawler debate.

Yup, instead of cooking a decent dinner, doing my ironing and catching up around the house I spent my evening researching and opining on the impending arrival of the MV Magiris - second-largest trawler in the world - in Tasmania. This is how my life gets out of hand.

Well, that and my inability to turn down the interesting opportunities and amazing friendships that come my way. Like an unexpected invitation to go sailing last weekend, and three upcoming visits from interstate friends, and a taiko-related trip to Melbourne...


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Solstice blog: @

Meanwhile, zzz.........
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New blog post about being who I want to be:

Apparently the person I want to be tonight is one who accidentally gets a little drunk on a work night and tweets about it. :-P Resulted in an amusing exchange with John Birmingham though!

Still crazy-busy, though I have some breathing space again now that Boss is back from a week in quarantine with hand, food & mouth. Work is good! I'm stepping up and rushing about like a mad thing: yeah, my new contract specifies expanding my duties, but I didn't expect to get started quite this soon! I've got two documents going through publication and am working on a business-wide training program as well as learning the ropes for running our environmental management system (and making friends with corporate lawyers). Next week I'm off to King Island, and the week after takes me to Flinders Island - very exciting!

The week after that I head off with the wonderful [ profile] katmeow for 3.5 weeks in Chile & Peru. Ahhhh! After last weekend's planning efforts we've got a rough itinerary worked out and all the essential components booked. Tomorrow I'm buying the last few things (like a proper pack) and sorting out my international driver's licence and that's all the major prep sorted. Still can't quite believe this is really happening.

Meanwhile there's taiko training, workshops & a dojo clean-up ahead, solstice dinner with friends, a garden to wrangle into some semblance of shape. I have injuries to over-come (according to the doc I sprained my ankle when I fell on the stairs, as well as badly bruising the tendons underneath my patella - probably shouldn't have kept walking to work, but hey...), blog posts to write and so much logistical planning it's making my head spin.

I'm crazy-busy but life is good. Really good.

Yesterday was a perfect blue-sky day.

This morning it snowed.


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New post: finding my happy place @


I ran into my old next door neighbour the other day. She let me know that the House of the Gumtrees is officially up for sale.

The first open home was on Saturday. Friday the rain pelted down for hours. That morning when my old landlady came to show prospective buyers around they found a lake downstairs. Again.

My timing is impeccable.

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The fallen
On the way to work this morning (getting into the habit of carrying the little point-and-shoot camera)

The problem with walking to work listening to Bjork's album Post is stopping yourself from singing along to the good bits (although I may have busted a few discreet moves to It's oh so quiet. Some things are just unavoidable...).

I went to the pool after work today! One the one hand, there's nothing like flailing around in a swimsuit to hammer home exactly how much blubber you've gained and condition you've lost after 4 months of inactivity and comfort eating[1]. On the other hand I actually went to the pool. I swum a continuous kilometre of freestyle which I'm pretty pleased with. Ok, it's half the distance I was doing back in January, but it's respectable all the same. I'm pleased to report that my cardio fitness is still pretty good (thanks to taiko and walking to work), but damn I've lost some muscle strength! Ah well, nothing for it but to get back on the horse again and keep hitting the water weekly.

Anyway, it's got late on me again so I'd best go shower and head to bed. I've spend way too long writing a rant on food waste over at the Shape of Things to Come.

G'night my LJ lovelies!

[1] I really need to find a better stress coping mechanism!
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Talking about sustainable design and getting to go on a groovy building site tour over at the Shape of Things to Come.

Meanwhile it's blowing a gale outside. Think I'm going to go hide under the blankets and hope it blows itself out by morning.

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Writing about my old garden and the work of leaving it behind.

Requiem for a garden; posted at the Shape Of Things To Come.
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Urk, busy Toni is busy.

Workin' overtime to meet a deadline, sorting out the old house, settling into the new, drumming, living & loving.

Managed to get out bushwalking on the weekend: headed up to Mt. Field with the awesome Hobart Kat. Good times were had and the dodgy hip held out. This weekend is finishing the repair-work & gardening at the old digs and hopefully finishing assembling furniture here at the new. Took a raincheck on an invitation to a sailing trip that was as much about networking as leisure. Thankfully the weather's forecast to be grim anyway so we're rescheduling.

On the trail to Twilight Tarn, Mt Field National Park

Have dispatched 2 poor little meeces thus far, and am not finding evidence of any more whiskered squeakers. Will leave the traps set for a few more days just in case.

Speaking of, here's a mini-rant about modern rodent control: my local supermarket only sold one type of mousetrap - a re-usable plastic spine-snapping design that does the job quickly and cleanly - but several types of rodent poison and sticky traps. This horrifies me! I dislike killing anything but recognise that mice in the house need to meet their demise (catch & release will only result in their inevitable return). So if I'm in the business of death I want to make it as quick and humane as possible for the poor little critter.

Back-breaking traps do this. A quick snap and it's all over bar the involuntary twitches. It's not nice, but as far as deaths go it's a pretty neat one. Poisons, on the other hand, are a horrible way to go: the animal suffers painfully, potentially for hours. Sticky-deaths aren't all that much better, causing significant distress to the whiskery one.

So why only one form of quick death but so many options for cruelty and suffering? Because we don't want to confront that we're killing another creature. Snap it's back in a trap and you have to despatch the fuzzy corpse the next morning, getting close and personal with the consequences of your actions. Poison the nibbler and you hope you'll never have to see the body, living in sweet denial of your death-dealing ways.

You know what? Harden the fuck up Australia. Either way you're taking a tiny life; make the right choice and do it quickly and less cruelly and deal with the viscerality of your actions. That or leave the rodents in peace and take up veganism. At least then you'll have an ethical leg to stand on.


Meanwhile, have an opinionated post about capitalistic democracy, toxic culture and change over at the Shape of Things to Come. No guarantee of factuality or logical consistency is made.

(it's late, I'm tired and ran out of arsedness)

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A good reason to procrastinate on the packing: fagus dreaming!

Blogging about where I'd rather be at the Shape of Things to Come.
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New blog post: big plans and busy times, wherein I tell you all about my new home-to-be.

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It snowed today! Just a fine sprinkle on the very top of the Mountain when the sun rose this morning, then later a significant fall down to at least 800 m. Now it's raining outside and the temperature's just about zero, so I expect there will be another light dusting up there come dawn. It's March on the island of January-to-March summers and winter is sending her chill breath down the Mountain already.

Blogged over at a breath of winter and the search for home - Why the coming of winter has me moving house and what makes somewhere a home.
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I've been blogging at this little LJ address for 8 years now. That's longer than I've stuck at most anything! I love my little LJ community and sharing my life and lessons with you, but for a while now I've been thinking about blogging in a different way. Blogging as a way to join and shape the conversation about how best to live a sustainable life, how to understand the science and interpret the politics of the environment and how to create the kind of future I want to live in.

I've brainstormed, I've researched, I've networked, I've procrastinated and prevaricated, but still the idea hasn't gone away, so I'm giving it a go. Dipping a toe into world of subject-matter blogging, shouting into the void and hoping someone, somewhere, is listening. I'm working on the shape of things to come.

I'll still be banging around here though. LJ is still a special (if shrinking) corner of the internet with a wonderful community. It's a place where I can write about the personal and it means a lot to me. But hopefully I'll start writing more about science and sustainability, building my communication skills, growing my network and learning a lot about sustainable societies. It's where I'm thinking my future might just be, if I work hard at it and grow these little seeds of inspiration into the knowledge, drive, skills and passion needed to turn a hobby into a career.

I don't know anything about "professional" blogging. I set the site up one insomniac night and muddled my way through the WordPress settings to come up with something that didn't completely offend my eyeballs. If I keep up with it then I'm going to look at getting some help with coding and design, but hopefully it's ok for now. It's going to take me a while to find my voice, to hit my stride. I will need to get better, and to that end constructive criticism and feedback is most definitely sought.

As always, you lot rock my world.


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