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...found half-way up the Mountain this afternoon.

Coralline lichen



and purple shrooms!


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The Glasshouse Mountains, seen from Mary Caincross Reserve, near Maleny.

Forgive me for being so quiet of late. Work's gone mental so by the time I get home I barely have the composure remaining to speak coherently. I can't see it slowing down any time soon either. Work aside, I'm trying to balance my health and my lifestyle with going to the gym, cooking and eating properly and still having some fun.

Looking up, Mary Caincross Reserve

On the fun front, and as a break in routine, Alex and I packed up the car yesterday and headed up the Sunshine Coast to do some bush-walking in the hinterland. We had a lovely day, just spending time with each other away from our usual routine and the demands of our lifestyle.

Looking up even further, Mary Caincross Reserve

I took a few photos, though none are particularly brilliant - correct exposure is very difficult in the rainforest! Anyway, here's a small sample of the ones that turned out. I'm sure I'll get around to posting the rest soon enough.

Buttress, Mary Caincross Reserve

More rainforesty goodness )

Happy travels,
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Them's some mighty bee jaws!

A couple of weeks ago1 Josh called me out into the garden to see some strange bees. There were unlike any bees I'd seen before: not European honey bees and not native black bees. The wierdest thing, however, wasn't their bright blue arses. The truly weird thing was that they were lining up along strands of the Cat's Claw creeper I'd poisoned the week before, grasping on with their jaws, lifting their bodies into the air then wiggling their wings back and forth. I kid you not. It looked as if they were getting high on the weed killer.

I've since found out that they're a type of native bee that's become quite rare since European honey bees were introduced to Australia. I've still no idea if they're tripping bees, but I happen to know an entomologist who specialises in native bees (honestly!), so I should know more soon. Hooray for freaky bees!

Turquoise bottom!

[1] The day after I was attacked by wasps in the same part of the garden, actually

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