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No new jobs in this week's listings, so I get a week off from the job hunt. Consequently, I'm allowing myself to be a little bit lazy and unwind. I'm still waiting to hear back from three I put applications in for recently, plus I'll hear about my own job in the next 3 days.


Sad news: our little fishy girl Emin[1], the female half-moon Betta splendens, died on Friday. She'd been lethargic for a few weeks, but with no other symptoms. On Tuesday she took a turn for the worse, so we moved her to a hospital tank, gave her a salt dip, and since we still had no diagnosable symptoms, treated her for parasites. By Thursday we'd lost hope she'd recover. We've still got no idea what killed her - no bacterial infections, no fungus, no visible parasites (external or internal). I've concluded it was most likely a virus, but possibly liver-flukes, so all fish that shared her tank have been treated for flukes, just in case. There's nothing you can do for viruses though, except minimise stress. Thankfully, my beautiful Sieu[2] is still happy and healthy.


We've had a rough time with our fish this past year, with the 2 worst diseases, plus equipment failure, plus a handful of mystery deaths. The nasty diseases are ones that only came into the country recently, and can lie dormant in fish until they get stressed, meaning they pass through quarantine. Stress comes in the form of reduced and highly variable water quality due to 8 years of drought. Apparently everyone in the area is struggling with it. I still hate losing any of my fish.

So fish have been making me sad, but these beautiful irises, paired on my dining table with bright yellow tulips, lift my spirits. Especially when the late afternoon light flirts gently with them for a minute or two each day.


[1] Emin, as in Mn, as in manganese.
[2]Sieu, as in Cu, or copper. Yes, we're geeks, and they were both purple-copper colour morphs.
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5 x Melanotaenia praecox (my poor little blues)
1 x Borneo sucker (hillstream loach)
1 x Siamese Algae Eater

10 days ago

1 x Melanotaenia praecox
4 x Melanotaenia boesemani
6 x Pseudomugil signifer
3 x Ambassis agassizii
2 x Hypseleotris compressa
4 x Borneo sucker
2 x Siamese Algae Eater

10 days ago

The tank has now been treated with hard-core antibiotics, and all bar the sole remaining praecox have also taken medicated food. We will lose the last little blue (they're the fish the damn disease came in with: we've only had them for10 days), and we might yet lose more of the Borneo suckers and SAEs. I'm hoping valiantly that we don't lose the boesemani (also new, and expensive), the blue-eyes (we bred them ourselves) and the two gudgeons (I'm very attached to the big fella - I've had him since 2000). The fact they're feeding is a good sign, and they seem to have perked up a little since the anti-biotic went in. It's hard to say though: columnaris is a nasty little bacterium, and some strains have developed anti-biotic resistance. At least we caught it early and worked out what the hell it was.

15 years of nearly disease free fish-keeping, then 2 of the worst aquarium diseases, less than 6 months apart.

3 days ago


Mar. 18th, 2008 09:29 am
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Chimes (cord)Chimes (bird)Chimes (bead)

Sometime's life's a constant climb uphill. Recurrent injury, frequent illness, broken sleep, beaurocratic bullshit and financial stresses. Pull yourself up and the next blow rains down. Life's a game of whack-a-mole: some days you're the hammer, others you're the mole.

Not having the greatests of days today. I've been at work for over an hour but am yet to get going. Brain's distracted. I slept badly last night; strange, wild dreams like a sequence of flash cards (image:response, image:response) and dying fish.

My beautiful, only just re-established display aquarium: columnaris infection. We've lost 5 already.

Reboot. Remember how to bootstrap. Up we go (there's no alternative).
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Too many weekends involve me going to my local aquarium shop* and spending too much money. At present we have the big community tank slowly recovering from a hideous disease, leaving me with only 12 fish, a tank full of pacific blue-eye fry and shrimp, 1 small tank each for the bettas (Siamese fighting fish), and I'm also looking after Josh's axtolotle, since Josh is a lazy bastard. Anyway, on last week's mission for yet more supplies, I tool the camera along, and (with the owner's permission) present you with the following fishy portraits.

Sad Goldfish
This calico goldie looked so sad

Read more )

A very bright clown
Maroon clownfish

* Clayfield Aquarium, Clayfield, Brisbane, Australia.

EDIT: fucking LJ HTML editor won't recognise the code for cuts. I've been arguing with it for an hour! Why, oh why, can't I use Semagic from work?
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So a few weeks ago now I went to Roma for a couple of days work. Roma, six hours west of Brisbane (being generous with the speed limit) and on the western edge of the Murray-Darling basin. It was my first time that far west, the previous farthest being Goondiwindi, where I went for a two-day workshop last year. Gundi surprised me: it was not the blow-through town I expected. Roma, however, was pretty much spot on.

a veritable field of (noxious) Mexican poppy, Maranoa River

Not that it's a bad thing, really, to be a sleepy little country town clinging on at the edge of the dust. Dependent on bore water, with a bowls club, a decent Chinese restaurant (highly unusual so far out) and a good bakery, she's all wide, flat streets and boab trees, a tiny green oasis. I knew it was going to be dry out there and oh it was. We didn't have the highest strike rate with finding water.

Weir pool, Balonne River

I like to go west now: the sky full of birds by day, and milky with stars at night. Wandering mobs of emus picking clean the struggling crops, competing with flock upon flock of galahs and sulphur-crested cockatoos. Grey kangaroos and wallabies grazing by the roadside on dusk (and far too many road-killed by the careless). No time, however, to pull out the camera and watch when there's work to be done. Only time for a few shots once each site is done. That was Roma.

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I have the most ridiculous craving for Japanese food, especially ageashi tofu, though some good sushi and miso would be nice too. Who wants to hit up Azabu this weekend?

In other news, I just made Anzac biscuits, but because I put in a little too much liquid they spread instead of rising and made anzac slice. They also needed cooking for longer, so now have that lovely caught golden syrup flavour. Mmm! I'm going to make muffins in a moment though I'm waiting for the bananas to thaw (we're in a massive banana shortage, thanks to Cyclone Larry back in March, so when i find them under $5/kg I buy up and freeze), because I'm making banana and honey muffins. I made some yesterday too, but they're so good I need more!

In other news, the last 2 dyas have actually been chilly, so the weather feels quite late-Autumn, rather than the mid-Spring temperatures we have been having. Never mind that it's mid-Winter. The jacarandas haven't even lost their leaves yet. This week has seen me either hugely productive, or unamble to overcome the inertia experiences when perched in front of the computer. Now I'm just putting off cleaning up the desk, thoguh I don't really know why. I think I might just need another coffee as I'm a bit zonked today. Yesterday and this morning I prevented myself from having the full 8 hours in order to rise at a reasonable hour, as my body clock was drifting towards vampiric and I'm actually rather fond of daylight. Yes, another bucket of coffee... *wanders off*

Right, coffee's brewing. Where was I? Ah, I also had to be up at a reasonable hour because Natasha was coming by to collect the tarpaulins we borrowed from her in November to go to Earthcore. We're so slack we still hadn't taken them back, so I gave her a lovely bottle of shiraz and some G&B organic Maya Gold chocolate. I also momentarily forgot how to spell tarpaulin. Anyway, as well as Natasha, the wedding photog, Andy, was coming around to drop of the DVD of our photos. Yay! I like Andy - he's a bit of a native fish nut, and did a degree in Environmental Science before studying photography - and he stayed for a bit of a fishy chat. He also caught my excitment at finding planaria in BlueFish's tank this morning. Planaria are so cool, as is any other animal that can re-grow it's head. I have never forgotten them since we created a two-headed one in first-year invertebrate biology. In 13 years of keeping fish I've never seen one in a tank before, and this morning, there are two of them crawling along the glass! Yay! From memory, they're hermaphroditic, so soon I should have many planaria! And then I'll take over the world! Mwahahahahaa!


So now I have all the wedding photos and the photos from the trip to process and post. Except we're having computer trouble. Argh here (yes, the computer is called Argh) keeps locking up and frequently crashing. The [program that triggers the most crashing? Photoshop. Grrrr! A quick remote assessment by nickthecheeseMaster Nick suggests the IDE cables are shoddy; a diagnosis I agree with after burning some CDs yesterday. It would take several attempts for Argh to read the newly burnt files: it would consistently tell me there was no CD inserted, until on about try 5 it would find the files and play them, then not find them again on try 6. If it is the IDEs, that means every non-spec part of the box barring the floppy drivehas needed replacing. Why did we go to Game Dude instead of Umart? (Ok, so we didn't know Umart existed at the time, but still...) Meanwhile, Umart doesn't sell loose IDEs, so replacement may take a while. How painful. Yet I still spend far too much time sitting in front of it.

I should be on my own tonight, so I'll have to make a special effort to resist the screen. Alex is supposed to be going down to his parents place to borrow his dad's ute. He'll borrow the ute to fix the car, he'll fix the car so I can drive, I don't know why he wants me to drive; perhaps he'll die... *brainsnap* G, that so reminds me of dinner. =o) Anyway, the clutch plate in our car needs replacing, and the machanics wated $700 for the priveledge, so Alex is taking the train down the Coast to borrow his dad's ute for a week so he can get to work *and* do the clutch. And after the clutch, he needs to figure out why the red machine isn't idling properly and fix that. When that's done I can drive again because the car won't keep stalling. Yay! I think the coffee is starting to kick in.


Oct. 26th, 2005 07:32 pm
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Hypseleotris compressa (Empire gudgeon) and Melanotaenia praecox (Dwarf rainbowfish)

A few weeks ago I discovered some mystery fry in my small fish tank. I'd had some fish in there while I cleaned out the big tank and just hadn't got around to emptying it and putting it away. I was quite surprised when i went to drain the water to find little specks swimming about!

The specks are now about 3-4 weeks old and have grown eyes and bellies and little finlets. Slowly but surely my mystery fry are becoming identifiable and i'm getting rather excited because I'm 90% certain they are Melanotaenia praecox! The Praecox are a Papuan New Ginea rainbowfish - close cousins to Australian rainbows. They are the most recent addition to my tank and (aside from the bristlenose catfish to keep the algae down) the only non-natives. Everything else is native to the local area, so it's quite funky that the exotics from the tropics have spawned!

So in a few months I should have a dozen new Praecox (if they all make it), some to keep and some to give away/sell. Biology is way cool.

Melanotaenia praecox

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