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I've been offered the job. And more money than I asked for.

I've accepted the offer, now we just wait for a formal contract.


Holy fvck! We've picking up our lives and moving all the way to Hobart, Tasmania!

Ah, that heady mix of terror and elation.

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I went, I touched, I tasted, I tried, and now I want.


I want the job. I want the career opportunity it represents. I want to beautiful office filled with natural light. I want the co-workers who seem genuine and down-to-earth.

I want the Hobart lifestyle, centred around the waterfront, with proper seasons and clean, crisp air. I want the property prices I can afford and a city built on a more human scale.


I am surprised. I may yet be disappointed. I might not get the job. Or I might, and find it not the match I imagine.

I interviewed well. I am capable of the job. It all depends on the competition.


Now, I wait.

For more reasons to consider, consult the photographic evidence. )
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"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." - John Lubbock

So I'm heading off to Tasmania tomorrow, looking for opportunity and potential, and projecting confidence, competence and charisma.

We shall see what comes of it all.

Now I just have to pack!
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Sideshow Alley @ the Ekka (no, we didn't go in)

My world, she is spinning so fast, so fast; all bearings lost but for bright hope and love's warm embrace. The air itself tastes rich with potential and opportunity, with that unmistakable edge of fear, sourly metallic. Change, uncertainty, counter-punch to certain mediocrity and discontent, with insufficient information to yet make a decision. Cartwheeling round-and-round in chasing the unknowable, seeking fact before fact can form. I won't know what I want until I can touch it, taste it, smell it; cannot promise I won't be denied this chance, yet still find myself investing in it.

watching the Power Surge over the fence

Yes? Let's settle for a maybe, while my bets remain hedged until more is known. If only I knew what I actually want.

I don't need these sorts of thrills

On Friday I'm being flown to Tasmania for a job interview. I am doing my best to catch my thoughts and restrain them, though still they escape, bounding away in a tumble of overwhelming possibility and under-riding uncertainty.

my head spins enough on it's own

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Hobart Gardens 1

*sigh* It's Sunday and I'm spending the day here in front of the computer, writing a job application. When I'm done with that I need to sort out the data from my honours research for the paper-writing course I'm starting next week.

I'm keen to find a new job (and this one's permanent and pays better, even though it's in Horsham), and I really want to get my research published, but damn I miss weekends. And evenings. And leaving the damn house! (That is all.)

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