Jun. 3rd, 2013 08:31 pm
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Taking a walk through the parks of central Hobart as the seasons slide from Autumn into winter...

Cusp Cusp

Cusp Cusp

Cusp Cusp

Cusp Cusp


May. 28th, 2013 10:27 am
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Feeling the urge to be moving, wandering.

To be stretched and challenged.

Change is calling.

Hoy dia


Jan. 24th, 2013 11:01 am
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I am experiencing an inordinate sense of well-being.

Today everything feels right in my world.



Happy-making things:
  • Taiko - the people, the movement, the sound, the joy. The brilliant noisiness of playing a drum I helped re-skin (fresh skin = LOUD). Yatai form finally falling into place. Hugs and laughter.
  • Garden - escapist chickens & eggs in the pumpkin patch. Making flower sex in the zucchinis. The first sunflower. Dirt under my nails, sun on my skin.
  • Hobart - magic, crazy little town, home to my friends and a thousand little quirks.
  • Friends - birthday plans, BBQs, car-pooling, camera-swapping. Inclusion, being part of something, feeling loved and connected.
  • Petrichor - the smell of long-awaited rain.
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Remember, you can - and do - climb mountains, both literal and metaphorical.

It may be difficult, painful, exhausting, but nothing beats the feeling of making it to the top.

Reach for the summit.

Lares trek, 4 800 mASL, Peru.


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:00 pm
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There is a wallaby in my fridge.

A whole wallaby. Well, minus the fur and guts and head and things. This is what comes of telling your neighbour that you eat native animals if they need to be culled. Shortly I will go and attack it with my cook's knife and cut it into manageable pieces. I've never butchered a wallaby before. Rabbit, yes, and I've jointed cuts of goat or lamb, but nothing like this. Should be interesting, to say the least!

I made it to the pool tonight, for the second week running. The knee seems to be holding up ok so long as I stick to straight-leg kicking and avoid breaststroke. I've been managing my old minimum of 1.2 km, which I'm pretty happy with, though I'm a long way (and several kilos) off where I was back in January before the Year of Ridiculous Injuries got going. Still, I'm feeling pretty good for being in the water.

I was also very naughty on Saturday and completely disregarded the physio's orders and went for a proper walk on the Mountain. You know, the kind that involves poorly-marked trails and patches of rock climbing. Ok, so I climbed the smallest peak in the park, Tom Thumb, but I didn't want to push the dodgy knee too hard (and I strapped it up thoroughly). Anyhoo, it was so much fun, as you can see from the look on my face when I got to the top. Surprisingly the knee didn't grumble the next day: the only muscles that were really sore were in the shoulders and my lats from the tiny bit of climbing. Hee!

Sunday I was supposed to go to an awesome free gospel and mowtown concert out at MONA (which by all accounts was excellent) but my gig date cancelled at the last minute, leaving me without transport and lacking the energy to ride my bike all the way to Berridale, so I stayed home and got the house more-or-less in order. It would have been nice to go but it feels good to have a tidy house!

I still have garden work to do, with seedlings well past planting-out size sitting in the old fish tank on my dining table, but I need to dig up some more lawn first, and the weather's hot and refusing to rain. It's worryingly dry for the very start of summer, and I've put so much effort into getting a veg patch going. I really don't want to see my precious plants wilt and wither through a long, hot summer. *worried face* We'll see how they hold up this week, with two 27 degree days forcast while I'm away and thus cannot water.

Yes, I'm going away, King Island again. It's been a crazy year for travel: I think I've been somewhere almost every month. Hmm, let's see:

  • January - saw the year in rafting the Franklin

  • February - weekend dash to Melbourne

  • March - did not go anywhere, but had Taiko Camp!

  • April - up to the Gold Coast & Brisbane for Easter

  • May - did not go anywhere, settling into the Cottage

  • June - King and Flinders Islands

  • July - Epic South American Adventure

  • August - did not go anywhere

  • September - Melbourne for work and drumming

  • October - Tarkine adventures in north-west Tassie

  • November - King Island

  • December - Maria Island camping trip

Yeah, it's been a pretty crazy year, and 2013's not looking any quieter! I've already got trips away planned for Jan, Feb, March & April. Truth is though I wouldn't have it any other way. The tricky bit is keeping on the right side of burn out. Getting up on the Mountain certainly helps with that!

Right, I've got a wallaby to attack. G'night LJ, see you next week!

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  1. I dropped my phone into a mug of tea on Sunday (talented, I know). After a few days to dry out, it works again!

  2. I have been officially made a performer at taiko! Unfortunately I'll miss my first performance opportunity next weekend as I'll be on my way home from a work trip to King Island.

  3. Said work trip to King Island has provided me with the perfect opportunity to pay [ profile] flinthart a visit. It's been over a year since we've caught up in person, so that will be just great.


And we're not even British...
Hostel hijinks, Cusco, Peru. Photo by [ profile] katmeow
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I got an email today, from the blog:

Hi Toni,

I stumbled upon your site after you left a comment about salad dressings on Green Olive.  I looked at your beautiful photos with a twinge of homesickness – I’m a Tasmanian who has been living in Brisbane for nearly 20 years now.  I feel a pull to move back to my island home, having settled down with my partner and two boys to a semi-sustainable existence on Brisbane’s northside.  The city has changed so much since I’ve been here, people are in so much of a hurry, and since doing a whirlwind trip around the state a few years back I’m now pining for the good life once again. Good luck with your blog, I’ll be following it keenly!


I love what I'm doing over there, sowing the seeds of change, growing pale green things.



In other news, I still have no back fence. The latest promise is Monday. Yeah, worst fencing contractor ever. Work continues to be somewhat insane and with never enough time to get everything done, but I got a pay rise today, and they're making it worth my while.

In better news the knee is definitely on the improve and is one of the few parts of me that did not ache today after taiko. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Also, I wandered on down to a local school fete tonight, except it was a "night market", with stalls run by all the parents who actually produce things. I went purely for The Van In Black's pho (verdict: totally worth it), ran into a few people I know, finally got to meet some of my favourite Tas food & sustainability tweeps and scooped one of the major lucky door prizes! I won a night for two at a lovely looking Tassie B&B. Now to decide if I go alone, bring a friend or make a gift of it to someone who'd really appreciate it. Perhaps a weekend get-away with the camera and my note-book is in order?

My life is so ridiculously improbable. <3
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Melbourne is trying her very best to seduce me.

A perfect blue-sky day, impossibly warm for this little Tasmaniac still shaking off the winter. Lying on green grass in the sunshine, shooting the breeze, drinking far too much coffee in funky cafes, spending time with my Melbourne peeps and the physical expression of joy that is taiko.

Today was a half-day of drumming and dance workshops with Wadaiko Rindo (and Corch & Leah). Tonight is a taiko concert. Tomorrow is catching up with more lovely friends, with nothing more pressing to do than enjoy myself.

Monday brings work in the Melbourne office, and a frantic 3 days it will be, but Monday night there is more drumming goodness with the Kodo & TaikOz concernt. Hooray! Then home again, home again on Wednesday night to my sweet little city curled around the Mountain.

Melbourne, you'd have a chance of stealing my heart if it wasn't already spoken for.

Cusco, Peru
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I took the bus home this afternoon due to inclement weather.

As a woman passed down the aisle I caught her scent and suddenly I was 18 again. That uncertain young woman finding her place in the word.

Lulu: the first perfume I ever owned.


Today my heart feels like it's spread all too thinly.

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Off to Bruny Island with Lukie & Hobart Kat. Hooray!


Aug. 19th, 2012 07:15 pm
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Friday night drinks and dinner w. my friend D. She lives in Melbourne but has a little place here in the village of Hamilton. We met last year on the plane and I'm very glad we're both happy to talk to strangers and have become friends. A very tasty and ethically sound dinner was enjoyed at ethos, and the wine went straight to my head.

Saturday gardening mission: rosebush finally properly pruned and the front bed weeding almost completed. Planted the peas & lettuce that had self-seeded into the bed prepped in June. Weeded the existing salad-veg bed & got started on the forest growing out of my pavers. Righted the collapsed greenhouse and realised that it's time I got my spring seeds started already. Where did winter go? Booked a trip up to visit the Tarkine with Norm for late October. More chores before dinner at the lovely Kat's and an early night.

Sunday morning amble down to Farm Gate Market for my veggie shop and a couple of treats (Masaaki's amazing sushi & Mrs. Ree's gluten & dairy free goodies). Walking home with a backpack full of root veggies and plans to make beetroot & onion jam (when I'll find time who can say?). Prepped a winter veg, chickpea & chorizo stew & stuck it in the oven on low, low heat while I went to taiko for a fun 2 hours of tazi-jima. Remembered to order my spring veg seeds online, tackled a few more chores and ate a very tasty slow-cooked stew.

Now I need to do the ironing (from before I went away) and write a promised explanation of fisheries science. As always, there's more to be done than I have time to do. Like editing the rest of my trip photos, and making that beetroot jam...

Next weekend L is down from Melbourne. Saturday he, Kat and I are heading to Bruny Island for a bushwalk and picnic. Sunday we've designated seedling-fest and all will descend here to pot up spring seeds and eat home-baked vegan goodies. I'm looking forward to it. =o)

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So, I've had a sly little facebook account for a while. I needed it for taiko, as the committee relies on a facebook group to stay (vaguely) organised.

Anyhoo, after my recent travels my spanish has improved to the point I can make basic conversation and read passably well. I've been keeping in touch with a couple of spanish speaking folk I met on my travels over on facebook. Feeling brave about my language skills I went looking for members of my host family from when I went on student exchange, 16 years ago.

I found them.

For the last hour I've been having a text chat with my host brother and mother. They never forgot me. I am still family.

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At Hobart airport, waiting for a delayed flight to Melbourne. I don't know which genius booked is on Jetstar when we've got a connecting flight to make. Hopefully we will actually make the once-per-day flight to King Island.

Finished work at 7 last night, so missed taiko training for the 2nd week running. I'll be on the road somewhere next Wednesday with work, then i'm away so that's 7 weeks wwith no drumming. Unhappiness!

I woke before first light this morning, the sky lightening to reveal the sparkling white of a hard frost. Beautiful.

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I am full of roast chicken and contentment.

Had a friend over for dinner and a long-overdue catch-up. I provided the chook and greens from my garden (the greens, not the chook), she brought beets and potatoes from her amazing garden. We talked careers, ex-workmates, travel and woodheaters. The thread of sustainability looped through our conversation.

It was lovely.

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New blog post about being who I want to be:

Apparently the person I want to be tonight is one who accidentally gets a little drunk on a work night and tweets about it. :-P Resulted in an amusing exchange with John Birmingham though!

Still crazy-busy, though I have some breathing space again now that Boss is back from a week in quarantine with hand, food & mouth. Work is good! I'm stepping up and rushing about like a mad thing: yeah, my new contract specifies expanding my duties, but I didn't expect to get started quite this soon! I've got two documents going through publication and am working on a business-wide training program as well as learning the ropes for running our environmental management system (and making friends with corporate lawyers). Next week I'm off to King Island, and the week after takes me to Flinders Island - very exciting!

The week after that I head off with the wonderful [ profile] katmeow for 3.5 weeks in Chile & Peru. Ahhhh! After last weekend's planning efforts we've got a rough itinerary worked out and all the essential components booked. Tomorrow I'm buying the last few things (like a proper pack) and sorting out my international driver's licence and that's all the major prep sorted. Still can't quite believe this is really happening.

Meanwhile there's taiko training, workshops & a dojo clean-up ahead, solstice dinner with friends, a garden to wrangle into some semblance of shape. I have injuries to over-come (according to the doc I sprained my ankle when I fell on the stairs, as well as badly bruising the tendons underneath my patella - probably shouldn't have kept walking to work, but hey...), blog posts to write and so much logistical planning it's making my head spin.

I'm crazy-busy but life is good. Really good.

Yesterday was a perfect blue-sky day.

This morning it snowed.


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Life is exceptionally busy. I'm re-prioritising and I'm afraid LJ's not going to receive much attention for a while.

Back on the road again soon. I'm looking forward to it, but there's much to do first. Time to sort myself out or I won't make it through.

Look after each other for me, and come say hi over at the Shape Of Things To Come!

(yesterday's post: farmer's market goodness)

Right, drumming time!

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Wow, I am utterly shattered.

Insomnia last night as my brain had a bit of a freak-out about everything I need to get done in the next few weeks. Decided to use the time productively at least and got an extra blog entry written to build up a bit of a buffer.

Busy but frustrating day today: lots of running around but not much getting things done. I had my Hep A & typhoid shot for the trip (and have a massively dead arm now), booked my yellow fever shot, got all my travel prescriptions sorted out, got a quote on travel insurance and booked myself a massage for Friday. Work was all about chasing up odds and ends and leaping from one conversation into another. My brain is fried.

After work was a taiko committee meeting where we've started planning out the second half of the year. We've got drums to repair and a sister-school in Japan to build a relationship with, plus we're making plans to attend the Australian Taiko Festival in Melbourne in September.

Somewhere in there I managed to write a blog post for World Environment Day and make a commitment I'm really going to struggle to keep. Perhaps just till the end of the year, eh? We shall see...

Right, time for bed then. Busy day at work again tomorrow, plus taiko training in the evening and I have a pile of emails to attend to.

Also, winter has definitely arrived!

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Mmm, choc chip cookies fresh from the oven make an excellent Sunday night indulgence (spiced up a little with the addition of cinnamon and a pinch of fancy salt).

Another weekend ends sooner than I'd like it to. I wasn't quite so productive this weekend, finding I really needed some time to just stop, sit and recover from a pretty big week. I still failed at getting to bed at reasonable times though. :-/

This is my friend Norm.

Yesterday was a big sleep in followed by lunch and conversation at Norm's house. Norm is a retired geologist, raised in Sydney but formerly from Perth. He bought a block of land to retire to, sight unseen, out at Neika, tucked into a fold of the Mountain along the North West Bay River. I met Norm after parking outside his house to go walking one day (the Cathedral Rock Trail pretty much starts at his driveway), had an enjoyable conversation and passed on one of my moo cards. Norm dropped me an email a few days later and we've been mates since (who wouldn't be friends with a 70-ish year old who signs himself off as Normal, because "somebody has to be"). Hmm, that reminds me, I really must get some more cards made up. I've been out of stock for months. Mundane details of my weekend... )
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The fallen
On the way to work this morning (getting into the habit of carrying the little point-and-shoot camera)

The problem with walking to work listening to Bjork's album Post is stopping yourself from singing along to the good bits (although I may have busted a few discreet moves to It's oh so quiet. Some things are just unavoidable...).

I went to the pool after work today! One the one hand, there's nothing like flailing around in a swimsuit to hammer home exactly how much blubber you've gained and condition you've lost after 4 months of inactivity and comfort eating[1]. On the other hand I actually went to the pool. I swum a continuous kilometre of freestyle which I'm pretty pleased with. Ok, it's half the distance I was doing back in January, but it's respectable all the same. I'm pleased to report that my cardio fitness is still pretty good (thanks to taiko and walking to work), but damn I've lost some muscle strength! Ah well, nothing for it but to get back on the horse again and keep hitting the water weekly.

Anyway, it's got late on me again so I'd best go shower and head to bed. I've spend way too long writing a rant on food waste over at the Shape of Things to Come.

G'night my LJ lovelies!

[1] I really need to find a better stress coping mechanism!

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