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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Miss Jessica Marie.


Jess graciously agreed to act as model in order for me to practise portrait photography.


Although I still have much to learn, we had a lot of fun (aside from occasional frustrations with uncooperative light), plus I'd like to think I did an ok job.


But judge for yourselves, and please let me know what you think!

There's lots more photos, including my favourites, behind the cut! )
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Vietnamese Mint 4

There's a little bit of magic in a garden: the sprouting of seed, the burst of green after rain, the gentle decomposition driven by billions of tiny creatures. It's winter here, and my garden is full of life and clover. The lavender's in spectacular bloom and white camellia petals contrast strikingly with the deep green lawn. If I get home early enough the afternoon light paints everything with a gentle glow, dappled low rays spotlighting tiny details.

Vietnamese Mint 1

I took last Friday off work, and spent an hour or so wandering in delight as the afternoon glow played across the garden. I lay on the front lawn in my pinafore dress and got up-close with the mushrooms, I kneeled in the mulch of the herb garden to capture deep purple Thai basil flowers in the dappled highlights, and just when I thought there were no wonders left I noticed the soft light falling on the Vietnamese mint, it's fragrant tendrils heavy with tiny pale pink flowers.

Vietnamese Mint 3

Bending in the slightest breeze, these delicate stems held me captivated as I tried to capture their wonders through the lens. Each no bigger than an ant, the flowers danced in and out of focus in an instant. A tiny piece of magic just outside my back door.

Vietnamese Mint 2
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Sunlit hibiscus

Balance on our planet's ourubic journey,
Equality in night and day, as here
The light receeds into the winter,
Autumnal counter-point to the rites of spring
My culture celebrates with symbols of fecundity
In near-forgotten reference to the circuits
Of the moon as we turn (ellipse)around the sun.

Happy equinox/Easter/Mabon/Ostara to all, and to all a great 4 day weekend!
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Light and Shade

More and more, my life is a question of balance.
I swing, I teeter, over-compensate,
searching for just the right

Both light and shade, everything at once,
every day. Feet to the sky
for the sake of the view,
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Crowd by Alex
...waiting... (photo by Alex, used with permission)

Last week Alex and I went out on a school night to see Regina Spektor play at the Tivoli theatre. Doors opened at 6:30pm, and since it was a Monday night we assumed the gig would start around 7. How wrong we were. The old theatre grew stale with people as we waited an hour and a half for the support act to come on. We passed the time playing with the camera and chatting to the folks around us, including uber fan-boy and his unyeilding BO. We were tired, our feet ached and our noses threatened to strike, yet we did not move, for I had staked a spot as close as I could get with a clear line of sight to Regina's piano. The collective impatience was palpable, and then a small man, a boy really, with Tom Baker hair and an accoustic guitar emerged stage left. He instroduced himself as Only Son and strummed out 20 minutes of pleasant tunes to the accompanyment of his iPod, then told us a stream-of-conciousness story about a koala.

Only Son
Only Son rocks the Tom Baker 'do'

Another wait ensued, but only half an hour or so, then a face with a mischevous smile poked out from behind a curtain. The audience got a wee bit excited and Regina Spektor hobbled out, supported by a fancy black cane. My view of the stage disappeared as people pushed in and my smaller stature gave them the advantage. I'm bigger than Regina though: she's quite short, and remarkably beautiful and gracious (even when she's being naughty). She introduced herself, apologised for being high on pain killers, showed off her cane and arduously limped to the piano. Once seated, all appearance of fragility vanished. When she plays the piano she is suddenly bigger, stronger, more vibrant. Her quiet voice and shy mannerisms vanish and there she is, in glorious voice and completely present. In short, she is wonderful.

Regina Cane
Regina shows off her cane

The show contained a good mix of material from all her albums, at least once you included the encore. Twice, I think, Regina embarked from the piano for the guitar, via a treatcherous walk across the stage. We (the audience) would have been happier if the roadie had carried her (she's small enough), rather than wincing in sympathy at every step, but she made the trip without incident each time. She slowly exited at the end of her set, only to return for the encore.

Oooh Face
She pulls the greatest photos when she sings

The show was excellent. All her pieces were performed flawlessly, with the exception of a stumble in "Us" in her encore. Not bad for a girl high on pain killers. A show well worth catching, should you get the chance. More photos behind the cut. )
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                   S                                        a
                     rIvInG                  .gRrEaPsPhOs)

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Anyone for a prawn cocktail? No?

Crustaceans to cute for you?

Oh well, my fish aren't going to complain. More lunch for them!

Hand-held ISO 200, F 2.8, uncropped Not bad without a macro lens!

Mmm, grow you own fish food.

Macrobrachium australiense for the other geeks here.
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Not long past 4 am, time stood still for a moment. The black edifice of the city rising against burning promise of dawn while the moon lingers full and heavy, in deep communion with the mountain. A three-note call rings out again and again, above the rumble bringing the Monday commerce, and is answered from beyond the undefinable. Deu-lou-dee, deu-lou-dee, endlessly rising and falling, then the sky breathes and the day proceeds.

On Saturday the sky came down, sudden in its heaviness, and we watched in quiet worship of the water gathering, pooling up and spreading over the browning world. All day we sung the praise of the rain in our primordial rebirth; hummed with the voice and wings of thousands set free by the warm arpeggio of rain. In the morrow the air thickened, interminable until the fading memory of March. Read more... )

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