Nov. 19th, 2011 05:12 pm
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On a rainy day road trip up the Tassie east coast with [ profile] playdoe_man. Planning a lovely hike through Freycinet National Park in the morning, so hopefully the weather lifts. For now we're holed up in Swansea for an evening of relaxing, watching the rain sweep across the bay.

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Road-side eggs - Piper's River; Snowdrop Cemetery - Windermere; Toad Hall - Windermere;
Echidna crossing - Windermere; Black Forest Smallgoods - Launceston; Rimfire Sports - Launceston
Gasworks - Launceston; Black Forest Smallgoods - Launceston; Leaning Church Vinyard - Lalla;
Leaning Church tasting - Lalla; Friendly goat - Lalla; Lunch @ Bay of Fires - Piper's River

Between soccer games I took the opportunity to explore a little bit of Launceston and the East Tamar region. It was utterly lovely and somehow I came home with an interesting collection of fresh eggs, venison, hand-made smallgoods and a few bottles of wine. I am utterly hopeless at resisting such things. It was a very good weekend.

City Park, Launceston
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Ok, I am most definitely insane. I have just booked myself in to spend 7 days over New Years in the middle of the Tasmanian wilderness. I'm going on a rafting trip down the Frankin River, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

If the river itself doesn't kill me[1], the portages and day-hike up Frenchman's Cap will come close!

The Franklin's a part of this island I've been keen to see for a while. It's apparently stunningly beautiful and is also an interesting part of Tasmania's history. The modern green movement was born here when the Hydro Electric Commission moved to dam the Franklin in the 1980s. Protestors successfully prevented the dam from being built, bringing down a government in the process. This makes the trip particularly interesting to me, being an ecologist, environmentalist and supporter of the green movement, and also a current employee of the descendant of the old HEC. Poignant, no?

Meanwhile I'm off to Launceston this evening, spending the weekend "up north" for a soccer tournament in my role of team manager for the southern girls under-16 squad. I've got plenty of time between games so I'm hoping to get out exploring and photographing, providing the weather cooperates and I can drag myself out of bed for the early morning light. A visit to the Ninth Island winery would go down nicely as well. I'm yet to even pack and am not looking forward to driving up in the dark, dodging the wildlife (both human and marsupial).

May your weekend be what you need it to be, I'll catch you when I get back.



[1] Refer to Richard Flannagan's debut novel set on the Franklin River: "Death of a River Guide"...
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Tomorrow morning I pack my bags once more and fly home to Hobart. I have had a most excellent little holiday, but I am ready to be home again now. I've had a chance to put my brain back together a little better and I think I'm ok to cope with my day-to-day reality once more.

I am tired, my muscles are a little sore and after 6 days of laryngitis-induced near-silence I finally have my voice more-or-less back. Grand adventures have been had and shall be posted about once I'm home and have sorted out the photos. I'm on an alcohol and cheese break as of now for the next month or so while my body recovers from the abuse and neglect of the last 3 weeks (work trip to Brisbane, back in Hobart but too sick to do anything, then far too much wine & cheese in Victoria).

Life, eh?
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Ada tree walk, Powelltown State Forest, Victoria

So, I am in Melbourne, having a holiday. Except I am still recovering from the 'flu, so am doing very little other than sitting around wasting time on the internet, which I could do just as well at home, so seems like a waste of my holidays. Tomorrow, however, things shall improve, as my friend Kelv and I are heading down the Morning Peninsular for a day of exploring.

This is not the holiday I was planning. Originally I was booked on a freaking awesome tour across South Australia, including a scenic flight over a flooded Lake Eyre, with a weekend in Melbourne tacked onto the end. I was ridiculously excited about that trip: Going to lots of places I'd never been before, seeing the desert, seeing Lake Eyre, meeting new people. But it was not meant to be: the tour was over-booked and 3 days after booking I discovered I wouldn't be going after all, and due to other commitments I couldn't reschedule the week off until October, when the lake will be drying and the wildlife dying. That didn't sound like so much fun, so plans were changed and here I am in Melbourne, having a nice time, but not quite the experience I was after. Perhaps it's just as well though, seeing as I'm still a little sick.

Ada tree walk, Powelltown State Forest, Victoria

Today I'm resting up, tomorrow we're off to Mornington, and Tuesday we're heading to Daylesford with the lovely [ profile] nurseysarah. Wednesday I'm taking a day to myself to wander about Melbourne city and perhaps make some camera-related purchases, then Thursday-Friday the plan is to head down to Wilson's Promontory National Park for an over-night adventure (that reminds me - must look into accommodation options). There are spare seats in the car, should anyone else fancy tagging along.

Saturday morning I have a surprise in store for my lovely hosts, but the evening is free for social things, then Sunday I fly home again, ready to start another working week and no doubt very pleased to be back in my own bed.

Next holiday though, I'm definitely doing the tour someplace I've never been thing.

Ada tree walk, Powelltown State Forest, Victoria

The Dish

Apr. 21st, 2009 08:14 pm
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The Dish

Because I haven't taken the camera out for a spin in ages, here's a photos taken on the trek down from Brisbane to Hobart.

Take two geeks, one road trip and some Space Science, put them together and what do you get? The Parkes Radio Telescope, of course!

Mmm, dishy. Somewhat disappointingly, there weren't any sheep.

There's not a whole lot going on around here at the moment; the boy is busy with uni work and I'm busy getting back on my feet again. There's a bunch of medical stuff going on in the near future, but in the mean time I'm enjoying feeling mostly well again while I can. Work's hitting the busy end of financial year period, meaning I should be in super-productive mode. I'm struggling, however: after so long sick my attention span has reduced to that of an impatient toddler. I'm going to have to work on that...

Like most Australians, I've got my Pennies from Kevin now. I was going to treat myself to a new lens, but thanks to the ridiculousness of the Medicare gap I'll be using my stimulus moneys to cover my medical expenses (or at least part thereof). Maybe if I manage a decent tax return then.

In other news, apparently Stephen Hawking is seriously ill. Please be directing all your get well vibes in his direction.
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The distance between us

Scenic surprise - Junda Road

Gnarled and twisted


Still stupidly busy, but holding up remarkably well. Grabbing opportunities as they come whooshing past and doing my damnedest to hold on.

In the meantime, here's some red dirt dreaming from the Junda Road, somewhere between Longreach and Windorah, Western Queensland. We didn't see another soul for 6 hours.

Roo paws

Termite mounds - Junda Road

Onwards, to the horizon!

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