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South America 2012 Collage

...and that's ALL the South America 2012 photos culled, edited and uploaded.

Now to start on the 300-odd from the Tarkine trip in October.

(full set)
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Melbourne is trying her very best to seduce me.

A perfect blue-sky day, impossibly warm for this little Tasmaniac still shaking off the winter. Lying on green grass in the sunshine, shooting the breeze, drinking far too much coffee in funky cafes, spending time with my Melbourne peeps and the physical expression of joy that is taiko.

Today was a half-day of drumming and dance workshops with Wadaiko Rindo (and Corch & Leah). Tonight is a taiko concert. Tomorrow is catching up with more lovely friends, with nothing more pressing to do than enjoy myself.

Monday brings work in the Melbourne office, and a frantic 3 days it will be, but Monday night there is more drumming goodness with the Kodo & TaikOz concernt. Hooray! Then home again, home again on Wednesday night to my sweet little city curled around the Mountain.

Melbourne, you'd have a chance of stealing my heart if it wasn't already spoken for.

Cusco, Peru
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Salar de Atacama, Chile

I'm counting down the months until I can go travelling again. I didn't intend to go back to South America again any time soon (North Western Australia, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco were up the top of the list), but I seem to have changed my mind.
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Edit: why is "restless" a crying face, LJ? I'm frequently restless but it's never made me cry.
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Before [ profile] zenandtheart nags me to death, here's a brief summary of my trip. Longer posts will theoretically be forthcoming once I've edited the photos.


July 8: Drugged up and sickly, made it safety to Sydney care of Hobart Kat & Melbourne Kat, shared my germs at [ profile] ozbreaker's birthday do.

Leaving Tas

July 9: Left Australia at 10:30 am, arrived in Santiago 13 hours later at 9:30 am. Hello jetlag, hello smoggy, uninspiring city. Half-remembered Spanish, city wanderings and blissful sleep.


July 10-11: Valparaiso! Crazy wiring, steep cobbled streets, amazing street art and the sea.

July 12: 24 hours on buses, getting from Valparaiso to San Pedro de Atacama, arriving in time for sunset over the desert.

July 13-16: The Atacama Desert, one of my life list destinations. Arrived on the busiest weekend of the year. Missed out on the Altiplanic Lagoons and flamingoes. Saw Valle de la Luna,AtacameƱan ruins, los lagunas del salar, desert sky astrological tour, Tatio geysers.

ValleDeLuna Salar1

Tatio Salar2

July 17: Arica - driest city in the world and a rest-stop before crossing the border into Peru

Arica2 Arica1

July 18: Crossed the border by collectivo, then the bus trip of WTF from Tacna to eventually arrive in Arequipa and WTF hostel.

July 19-20: Exploring Arequipa and falling in love with Peru. Cooking classes, hitting the market, museums and finding my Spanish tongue at last.

Arequipa4 Arequipa3

July 21-23: Chilling out in Cusco and adjusting to altitude, dodging the tourist traps and enjoying myself immensely

Cusco2 Cusco1

July 24-26: Lares trek, losing my heart to the mountains and the people. <3


July 27: Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu and the shock of 2 000 people after the mountains. Tired, filthy, happy.

MachuMe MachuGroup

July 28: Cusco, recovering and hanging out with fellow trekkers, now new friends.

July 29: Cusco to Lima to Santiago, very sad to be leaving Peru and all I discovered there, unthrilled to be returning to dirty old Santiago.


July 30-31: R & R in Santiago, making friends with fellow travellers and failing to see the sights.

Santiago1 Santiago2

August 1-3: Limping home again via a night in Sydney with mixed feelings. I love my life here, it's beautiful, but there's just something about Peru...
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The fire's lit, the kettle's on.

My belly is full of cauliflower and kale masala made with veggies from my very weedy garden.

I've unpacked, done the laundry and made a small dent in the weeds.

There was a sprinkling of snow on the mountain this morning.

I'm home.

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