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Catching up with wonderful Melbourne folk, no fixed plans as yet.
Arrive: Friday, February 10th @ 22:20
Depart: Monday, February 13th @ 08:40

Brisbane / Gold Coast
Visiting the family, because I didn't go home for Christmas.
Arrive: Friday, April 6th @ 13:25
Depart: Monday, April 9th @ 07:00

South America!
Chile, Peru & Bolivia with the amazing [ profile] katmeow!
Arrive: Monday, July 9th @ 10:05
Depart: Wednesday, August 1st @ 13:35

A-wandering we will go!



Oct. 4th, 2011 10:14 pm
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[ profile] katmeow and I are going to South America next year. Flights are booked, baby.

I've never made such a big decision so quickly before!
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At long last I can finally announce that the boy and I are crossing the straight for the second time in 2010 for The Fish Do Melbourne Mk II! The flights were booked weeks ago, but my boss had been sitting on my leave application, making non-committal noises every time I asked about it. Today, after additional prodding, it's finally approved and I'm not going to spend the week working in our Melbourne office - hooray!

This will also be the longest Melbourne visit I've made so far, with 9 complete days in the Big City and/or surrounds. Dates are:

Arrive: Friday, August 27, quite late at night

Depart: Monday, September 6, early enough for me to make it to work (erk)

And as if that wasn't awesome enough, our friend Webby, from back home in Queensland, is flying down to join us. It's a Queensland-via-Tasmania invasion of excellence! Webby gets in on Sept 1st, so for the first weekend it'll just be the two of us. We're not sure what we'll get up to on the week-days we're there, but we've promised to give our hosts (L&K) a break for a few days, so we're contemplating a trip down along the Great Ocean Road, or out to Daylesford. Suggestions of somewhere to lose oneself for a few days would be most welcome (bearing in mind that there's a surfeit of small, quiet, quaint little seaside town here, but a distinct lack of cultural diversity and good coffee).

As for the two weekends, at present they're both completely free and waiting to be filled with the company of beautiful Melbourne peoples (see reference image on left). Awesomest friends, we want to see you! What should we do to ensure we do?

Ah, and here I must insert a small note: organising things around food is best avoided if possible. My "special needs" digestive system is rather broken[1], making food a challenging subject at times. The boy and I are, however, blissfully happy to cook for other people. We can invade kitchens and prepare such culinary delights you (hopefully) won't notice the limited ingredients list. The good news is I can still drink wine, so long as it's red, and eat cheese, in moderation. =o) I know the boy is keen for a party or event, if one would graciously make itself available. Me, I just want to kick back, relax and absorb the warm glow of friendship and good company. Oh, and to be the biggest cuddle-slut I can possibly be - yay!

So, wonderful Melbourne peoples, please come see us, if for nothing more than to share a drink to drown our post-electoral sorrows (for truly there will be no winners amongst us this time).

We love you,

A & T

[1] A visit to the gastroenterologist provided a tentative diagnosis of fructose malabsorption, with an endoscopy and breath tests still to come to make sure of it. In the meantime, anything high in fructose is off the menu, which means no onions, leeks, tomato, red capsicum or coconut milk (making eating out a challenge), as well as no white wine, apple, pear, mango, lychee, papaya, melon, grapes, honey or dried fruit, and only a little bit of garlic. Insert massive sad face.
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Attention to the electronic music fans out there (with a special *prod* to [ profile] gaffman and [ profile] dastrix_slogan).

My friend Bug has been making music, which I happen to think is pretty neat. Go to his site and have a listen to his tracks. He'd love some feedback.

Meanwhile, fellow Brisbane bouncers, I have located Seventy-7's set from Mayhem this year. Steve's a bit of a local legend and my favourite vinyl pusher, so give him a spin.


Sep. 19th, 2005 09:49 pm
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Today has been a charmed day. And a Monday too!

Almost over my bug now, so I got up with Alex this morning and saw the sun rise for the first time in weeks. It's up so much earlier now! Got a lift in with Farah and was at my desk by a quarter to seven this morning. Worked a nine and a half hour day, catching up from being sick. One of the most productive days I'd had in a long time!. Finished what I had set myself to get done bang on 5pm and didn't feel like hanging around for 45 minutes for the next bus, so I rang the bike shop to see what time they closed. 6pm eh? Righteo.

Pulled my bike out from under the stairwell (where it's been patiently waiting since my little stack) just when Alex phoned to see where I was as he'd just come home. I told him I was taking my bike to uni (where my bike shop is) as we arranged to meet there to have Pizza Caffe for dinner. My old uni has this awesome little eatery attached to an independent cinema. They do divine pizzas: wafer thin, feather-light bases withjust a few toppings to really let the flavours shine. Wonderful creations unlike anything you'll find at Dominoes.

So I got to uni, coasting down the hills and walking the rest of the way and put my bike in for repairs. Just as I'd finished with that, Alex came walking around the corner and found me. We went to the cafe and I bought us some drinks while Alex got his parking permit sorted. Chatting with the guy behind the counter, he assumed we were here to see the free movie they were showing tonight. Huh? Turned out to be a special preview of Howl's Moving Castle!! For those who haven't heard of it, it's the new movie by Japanese director Hayao Moyazaki: the genious behind "Spirited Away" and (my favourite) "My Neighbour Totoro". Wow! We'd been wanting to check this film out! Not all that surprising assumption we knew about it, considering I was wearing my Astro Boy shirt and Alex was in his Neon Genesis Evangelion T (total coincidence, mind you).

So I sent Alex off to the box office to check out what was going on, but he came back with the bad news that entry was for people with passes only and there were none left. I was a little disappointed, but not too much as I was pretty tired and had only planned on grabbing dinner and going home. So we ordered our pizzas and found a quiet corner to wait for our meal. After 10 minutes or so of chatting to ourselves, a woman at the next table turned around and asked us if we were going to see the movie. We replied in the negatory, and how we were disappointed we were going to miss it. So she then asks us if we would like a double pass!!!

So after expressing profuse gratitude, we grasped our miraculous ticket and just kind of "squeee!"ed for a bit. We raced back up to the cafe and asked them to please hold our pizzas until the end of the film (they're part of the cinema business and will do this all the time), then went to pass the fifteen minutes until the doors were to open. We were surrounded by a real mix of IT guys, middle-aged couples, frightenenly ordinary looking people and the odd Asian student. I think I squee'd some more while we were waiting, and then they let us in and we managed to get good seats up in the middle section.

The film was great. Another wonderful Miyzaki tale. Highly recommended for anyone who likes Anime, fantasy stories, cuteness and feeling good. =) It's not normal Anime weirdness either, more a fairy tale for all ages.

And to top of a beautiful movie, our pizzas came out of the oven just as we got back to the cafe, so we munched them down and made it home by 9pm (just as they were setting up the roadworks. Meh). Now I'm washign down the pizza with some weak Jasmine tea and it's off to bed for this charmed girl and her lucky boy. ;-)

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