May. 28th, 2013 10:27 am
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Feeling the urge to be moving, wandering.

To be stretched and challenged.

Change is calling.

Hoy dia


May. 7th, 2013 08:56 pm
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Does anyone actually read this little blog any more, or is it just me and the crickets?

Regardless, I want to say that I'm happy. Future plans are forming and the present is being enjoyed. The adventure continues.

What more could I ask for?

Peru 2.0
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Remember, you can - and do - climb mountains, both literal and metaphorical.

It may be difficult, painful, exhausting, but nothing beats the feeling of making it to the top.

Reach for the summit.

Lares trek, 4 800 mASL, Peru.
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Contemplating major life changes is a scary business for this little security seeker.

Dream big, little fishy. Take a leap of faith and see where you land.

It's that, or be ordinary.

Lares trek 8
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At 17: Gone off on student exchange to the other side of the world by myself and survived (1) having no support from the exchange agency when I got there, and (2) my first host family asking me to leave and finding myself a new family.

At 19: Moved to the big(-ish) city for university.

At 21: Gone hang-gliding off a perfectly good cliff (and loved the feeling of flying)

At 27: Taken a chance and married someone.

At 29: Packed up and shifted interstate.

At 31: Realised the best thing to do was walk away and save myself.

At 32: Spent 7 days in the wilderness, white-water rafting.

At 33: Travelled part of South America with a good friend and a vague plan, seeing the Atacama Desert and Machu Picchu and surviving 3 days trekking the Andes.

At 34: I can't guarantee it'll happen, but I've got one hell of a plan...


The point is, stop being afraid and reach for your dreams. After all, we've made it this far, self, haven't we?
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Talking about sustainable design and getting to go on a groovy building site tour over at the Shape of Things to Come.

Meanwhile it's blowing a gale outside. Think I'm going to go hide under the blankets and hope it blows itself out by morning.

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New blog post: big plans and busy times, wherein I tell you all about my new home-to-be.

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Blog post: Confessions of a compulsive gardener

Seeds collected, photos taken, delicious dinner* cooked, blog written and biscuits baked. It's been a productive evening. Now to tidy up and take my very full belly off to bed!

* baked wallaby fillets with roast garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, wattleseed & pepperberry with roasted autumn veg and onion jam. Utterly delicious and evocative of the season.
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It snowed today! Just a fine sprinkle on the very top of the Mountain when the sun rose this morning, then later a significant fall down to at least 800 m. Now it's raining outside and the temperature's just about zero, so I expect there will be another light dusting up there come dawn. It's March on the island of January-to-March summers and winter is sending her chill breath down the Mountain already.

Blogged over at shapeofthingstocome.org: a breath of winter and the search for home - Why the coming of winter has me moving house and what makes somewhere a home.
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I've been blogging at this little LJ address for 8 years now. That's longer than I've stuck at most anything! I love my little LJ community and sharing my life and lessons with you, but for a while now I've been thinking about blogging in a different way. Blogging as a way to join and shape the conversation about how best to live a sustainable life, how to understand the science and interpret the politics of the environment and how to create the kind of future I want to live in.

I've brainstormed, I've researched, I've networked, I've procrastinated and prevaricated, but still the idea hasn't gone away, so I'm giving it a go. Dipping a toe into world of subject-matter blogging, shouting into the void and hoping someone, somewhere, is listening. I'm working on the shape of things to come.

I'll still be banging around here though. LJ is still a special (if shrinking) corner of the internet with a wonderful community. It's a place where I can write about the personal and it means a lot to me. But hopefully I'll start writing more about science and sustainability, building my communication skills, growing my network and learning a lot about sustainable societies. It's where I'm thinking my future might just be, if I work hard at it and grow these little seeds of inspiration into the knowledge, drive, skills and passion needed to turn a hobby into a career.

I don't know anything about "professional" blogging. I set the site up one insomniac night and muddled my way through the WordPress settings to come up with something that didn't completely offend my eyeballs. If I keep up with it then I'm going to look at getting some help with coding and design, but hopefully it's ok for now. It's going to take me a while to find my voice, to hit my stride. I will need to get better, and to that end constructive criticism and feedback is most definitely sought.

As always, you lot rock my world.


Wellington Somewhere
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...if I stand here, at the edge of things, will you stand beside me?

Gordon Drop


Feb. 29th, 2012 12:55 pm
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I just met a man down at Salamanca, doing something strange to a tree. There he was on a traffic island, swatting at the tree with a piece of metal, knocking down the seed pods.

I'm an inquisitive creature. Of course I stopped to ask what he was collecting. Chestnuts.

Chestnuts, going to waste on a traffic island in the middle of Hobart.

I walked back to work with my pockets full and my heart lighter.

And this weekend? I'm going blackberrying.


Sep. 10th, 2011 12:23 am
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It is a weekend for quiet and reflection.


I hope yours is a good one.

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I'm home and I'm so happy to be here. While I was away Spring crept in and the warm light is seeping into everything. The plums, apricots and cherries are in flower, pink petals strewn along the footpaths and the impossibly green grass. There are green rosallas in the trees, irises and tulips in my garden and the air smells of life and growth and possibility. The mountain slips into your awareness like a song you don't even notice you're hearing until you're singing along and everything hums a rhythm that seeped into your spirit when you weren't paying attention.

Home. I'm not sure when this strange little city at the edge of the world became it, but right now this is where I want to be. Not this house, perhaps, not this job, perhaps, but yes, this city that some days is so damn beautiful my soul aches. The quiet, mossy forests, the rugged mountain peaks, the wide, briny estuary and the pretty little city. I needed to go away to see more clearly what I have here. I don't want to go, not yet, perhaps not ever.

This is good to know.

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There’s a hole in my heart where the rain gets in, and the weather’s been inclement.

I’m feeling rather waterlogged and the smell is quite unpleasant.

The drainage works are underway, a patch is in the planning,

I’m sketching out a new design, but lately it won’t stop raining!


It's not a slump, a temporary state of affairs to be suffered through. It's a major shift, tectonic.

I discovered my map of 'how life works' was faulty, so I tore it up, and now I need to figure out (a) where I am, (b) where I want to be, and (c) how to get there. That means poking at everything that hurts to work out why,and grabbing onto everything that makes me smile to work out why (and hopefully not destroying it in the process). I'm ferreting around in my head to see what parts of the mental map were broken (Oh look, I have co-dependent behaviours. Ooh, I over-value a sense of security. Hey, when confronted with uncertainty I try to over-control everything else in my life.) and trying to re-wire them better.

This is slow, hard, painful work and I am an impatient person. There’s not enough shiny stuff going on right now to balance out the ledger, so occasionally I'm sinking down into the mire. But I WILL GET THERE! I will not keep cycling through the same faulty patterns again and again.

Things are changing. I just need to work out the shape of things to come.
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I live in a nice house, in a nice, quiet area, with good neighbours and excellent landlords. It's a luxurious house, really, by my standards. It's bigger and newer and prettier than I need (though really not well designed). But it's not a home.

Home is a place where the neighbourhood has it's own culture of integration, a community where people care to know you and look out for you.

Home is a place where friends and neighbours drop in for a cuppa when they're passing, or drop off some garden herbs or home-baked treats.

Home is a place that nourishes the soul as well as sheltering the body, a place warm with shared laughter and dreams, watered by tears wept with company.

Home is where you come to visit, and I feed us and we laugh and hug and dream of bigger futures and it doesn't matter if the paint's peeling or the door is cracked and I can hang my pictures on the walls and wander through the garden that's just a little over-grown and rambling in an enchanted kind of way. It's the place where the light slides in all golden and buttery, burnished like a well-loved soul, and the outside tries to follow it to feed on the joy that flourishes inside.

I want a home to go to.

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