Jul. 17th, 2014 02:29 pm
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I miss you so much but the time's not yet right to go home.


What is home anyway? )


This journey's far from over.
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Today, in my lunch break, I walked up to the watch repairers to have yet another pin in my watch band replaced. A routine 5 minute job.

Instead, they looked at my watch and asked if they could keep it for a couple of days, give it a good clean and replace all the pins, once and for all. I conceded and surrendered my time piece in exchange for a promise on paper.

Disconnected from time, I decided to wander all the way around the block before returning to the office; a route that takes me past my favourite Hobart bookshop.

With no watch to count the seconds until I was due at my desk I wandered in for perusal (something done a dozen times before without a purchase). I contemplated books for gifts, checked out the new releases, then poked about my favourite section: literature & cult. Just as I was about to leave a title caught my eye: Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extememly Loud & Incredibly Close". I decided to buy it, to sit on my shelf until I'd finished other unread books in chronological order of purchase or borrow.

Then on the way home my bus broke down and we were stranded beside the highway. What else to do but pull out the only book in my possession?

I started reading and now I'm loathe to stop. I suspect this story is going to make me cry, and that's ok. The right book at the right time can make all the difference.

What books have come along at just the right time for you?

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