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Cool and rainy after weeks and weeks of blue skies and fierce heat. What better way to celebrate than take a 5 hour walk in the gentle misting rain? Then home to a mug of hot chocolate and to watch the garden breathe.

Cape Raoul trail, Tasman Peninsula


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Happiness is a forest in the mist...


Mar. 3rd, 2013 09:49 pm
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Mt. Connection trail, Wellington Park

Sunday bushwalks

Sunday bushwalks

Sunday bushwalks

Sunday bushwalks

Sunday bushwalks

Taken with the pocket Point&Shoot.
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Rodway Range, Mount Field National Park

Safety: The track to this peak follows high exposed ridges and suitable footwear and water-proof clothing are essential. Some warm clothing should also be carried. The walk is only suitable in fine weather - be prepared to turn back if the weather changes. Do not attempt this walk if it is snowing or when cloud covers the range.

- Day Walks Tasmania, J & M Chapman.

1. What I did Christmas Day 3. What I did Christmas Day
Follow the steep road from Lake Dobson to the Mawson ski field, take the boardwalk trail across the peatlands then climb the boulders up to the start of the Rodway Range.

2. What I did Christmas Day
Stop to enjoy the view over Lake Seal & Tarn Shelf.

4. What I did Christmas Day 5. What I did Christmas Day
Shelter from the wind a while amidst the rocks of Lion's Den, marvel at the twisted vegetation holding onto life in the cracks.

7. What I did Christmas Day
Feel the full fury of the south-westerly wind as you descend to K Col in low-visibility conditions on the epic boulder slope.

9. What I did Christmas Day 6. What I did Christmas Day
Stop a while and wait to see if the weather will clear and wonder if you've got the ability to continue any further.

8. What I did Christmas Day
Watch the magic unfurl as slowly the view is revealed then, feeling tired but happy, begin the journey home.

10. What I did Christmas Day 11. What I did Christmas Day
From high alpine plains back down to the pandani groves of Lake Dobson, the end of the trail. Safe and warm.

I was aiming for the 16 km round trip to Mount Field West, described as a challenging 8 hour walk. I made it to K Col and back - 10 km - in just under 6 hours (with a few stops to shelter from the worst of the weather). Given the tricky terrain, the leery weather (I was nearly blown terminally off-balance on the boulder slopes a few times) and the state of my various injuries I'm happy with that!

Merry Christmas!
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It's a beautiful day, but I must rest and catch up on paperwork. But two weeks ago I went walking out Collinsvale Peaks way...





I made it up the steep climb of Myrtle Forest trail, rough and over-grown with scratchy mountain heath. Keep climbing with me? )

Eventually I made it down, 8 hours worn and limping. The guidebook lies, but I lived to tell the tale. :)

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Brilliant walk, astounding view.
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Greetings from the top of the world!

The day turned out too lovely to waste so I decided to ditch the market and headed straight up Wellington. I took the Cathedral Rock trail, up by the North West Bay River. Now after 2 hours of UP! I'm sitting atop the rock enjoying the most amazing views. I'm going to hurt tomorrow but it's so worth it. :-D

Didn't bring the camera though; that was my one concession to fatigue. Guess that means i'll just have to come back.

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Yesterday... it was only yesterday but it feels half a world away. Yesterday we went to Freycinet, rocky peninsula half-way up the eastern coast; a world of pink feldspar peaks and turquoise bays. Yesterday I fell into a paradise of rock, sand and sea.

We'd spent the night in Swansea, in a little cabin by the beach (my friend [ profile] playdoe_man and me). The afternoon before was rainy and I delighted in racing through the shallows in the rain, ankle-length skirt billowing out in the sea, the smell of rain, salt and sand so evocative of childhood: the camping trips in Easter with inevitable rain.

But Sunday, she dawned in style, the sunlight slipping past the curtain edge waking me at half-past five, summoning me back to the beach to bask in her beauty. The day was going to be spectacular, I couldn't wait to hit the road.


Heading back, I hammered on the other door til [ profile] playdoe_man emerged, sleepy-eyed and grumpy, and threw the day at him. Time to go, Allan, time to go. By 7 am we were finally on the road. Freycinet: an hour along the road, a different world. Come with me... )


Nov. 19th, 2011 05:12 pm
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On a rainy day road trip up the Tassie east coast with [ profile] playdoe_man. Planning a lovely hike through Freycinet National Park in the morning, so hopefully the weather lifts. For now we're holed up in Swansea for an evening of relaxing, watching the rain sweep across the bay.

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Oct. 16th, 2011 09:56 pm
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Bah! I am annoyed with myself for making some silly choices this weekend. Now it's almost bed-time, I'm only just eating dinner and I haven't finished the jobs I wanted to get done this weekend. On top of that I'm tired, by body clock is out of whack and my digestive system is decidedly unimpressed with what I've been feeding it. Still, my dinner is tasty & healthy, the worst chores are done and my euphonium is greased, oiled and in top working condition for my nervous foray to join the local brass band tomorrow night.

It really is silly, y'know? I stayed up til nearly dawn both Friday night and last night for no good reason at all. Or more accurately, for a very silly reason indeed. And I ate things I shouldn't have because I was awake so late. Now I've got a big few days in front of me and I'm starting on the back foot. I really do need to get better at this!

I did try to go for a walk up on Wellington today, despite being tired and sleeping late. I was, however, thwarted by the weather. Snow! In mid October. It was so very pretty, but also wet and windy and I really wasn't dressed for that kind of weather. I ran around in it with a big, stupid grin on my face until the damp seeped through my cotton trousers and I decided I'd better head home and warm up.

Right, time to do the dishes, put away the ironing and tuck myself up in bed. Tomorrow is coming, ready or not.

October Snow
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Yesterday the weather was a little feral, with gusty winds and rain showers. After much gazing out the window wondering if I was game to go out walking, the cloud around the mountain finally lifted so I decided to head out.

I checked my book of walks and spied one I'd not done before that seemed to stick to the sheltered side of the mountain (a good idea with the wind) and was listed as moderate grade, taking 3 hours. Since I'd have just under 3 hours of daylight left by the time I drove up the Mountain I decided the walk was do-able, but that I'd leave my camera behind and take a light pack with just a jacket and water so I didn't have any weight to carry and slow me down.

So off I set for the Organ Pipes circuit, a little concerned about the weather, but not overly so - after all there's always other people on the Mountain, I have phone reception up there, and the track was in good condition.

Walk1 Walk2

Heading up from the Springs towards the Chalet was a steep climb of ~300m to 1000m ASL, but occasional breaks in vegetation provided spectacular views, keeping me motivated. I was quite pleased with myself when I finished the climb in good time and not too tired (given I'd been up til 4 am the night before and was rather sleep-deprived).

Once the track levelled out I found myself at the foot of the massive dolerite columns known as the Organ Pipes that crown the summit of Mt Wellington. The track became more of a boulder-scramble in places as I crossed over the remnants of collapsed columns and imagined the sound those falling rocks must have made. Given the rocky footing and steep drop-offs I was glad to be out of the wind and rain, able to enjoy the rather spectacular geology.

Walk4 Walk5

All was well until I rounded a corner and found myself on a boulder slope on the exposed side of the Mountain, being buffeted by a rather cold wind and realising how dangerous this terrain would be should it start raining. I scurried across as quickly as I could and was greatly relieved when I reached solid ground again! I continued on, into the chilly wind, until I reached the Chalet after an hour and ten (posted time: 1 hr 30); the half-way point of my journey (or so I thought).

From here the track crossed the road and dropped steeply into the scrub down to Junction Cabin at ~600m ASL. Great, I thought, this'll drop me back into forest and out of the wind, and with a posted time of 50 minutes I'll hit Junction Cabin with plenty of daylight to spare. Yeah, 50 very long minutes later I finally dropped out of the wind just as I reached the cabin, jelly-legged from a very steep, rough descent across more boulder-slopes and open forest with lots of standing dead trees, with a freezing gale blowing all the while.

Walk6 Walk7

It was now 5 pm, I was tiring and I had about 45 minutes of daylight left. That's when I saw the sign telling me it was still an hour and 20 to get back up to the Springs and my waiting car and I realised I'd made a mistake when I'd checked the walk time: it was 3 hours to the Chalet and back to the Springs via the road, and a wee bit longer for the full circuit walk. I was rapidly running out of daylight, had no food on me, only a light jacket and had left my torch in the car. Concerningly, I'd passed only one other person on the trail and that was almost an hour ago (I guess the weather had scared more sensible folk off). Thankfully I'd at least taken my phone with me, so, feeling rather sheepish, I called my friend K to let her know what trail I was on, what time I anticipated getting back to my car and what to do if I didn't call back by 6:30 pm.

Thankfully the trail from Junction Cabin to the Springs was the easiest leg of the whole circuit; a gentle uphill slope of well-made track, sheltered from the wind, and I found myself making good time, even stopping briefly at Sphinx Rock to take in the amazing views just before sunset. Now that would be a fantastic place to watch the sunrise from on a day with better weather!

Walk9 Walk10

By 5:50 the sun had set completely and the world sunk into dim monochrome, yet I still had half an hour to go according to the posted time (1 hr 20). I found myself wondering how useful a torch my phone would make as I pressed on into the gloaming. I never did find out though, as bang on 6 pm I rounded the last bend and found myself back at the Springs, my little red car all alone in the carpark except for the burnt-out wreck of someone's dumped joyride. Leg muscles trembling with fatigue I happily clambered inside, cranked up the heating and started my journey back down the Mountain into civilization, dreaming of a hot shower and a good feed.

In the end I had a fantastic hike, completing the 9 km walk (with ~400m changes in elevation) in exactly 3 hours (posted time: 3.5 to 4.5 hrs) in challenging conditions. I did, however, take more risks than I should have: this is Tasmania and bushwalks gone wrong are frequently fatal (I checked the weather record for the Wellington summit when I got home - it was 4oC when I was up there, with apparent temps around -8oC and wind gusts around 80 km/hr. It snowed that night). This is the last time I go without my usual stash of trail-mix and and extra jacket, plus I'm buying an LED torch to carry on my keyring. I'm pretty happy that all I have to show for my little adventure is some pretty phone-photos and some tired legs.

Walk8 Walk11
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Ah, there's nothing like a mad walk on the Mountain to make me feel more grounded and content with life.

It was a bit of a risky trail choice though! I misread the time estimate and ran out of light completely just as I got back to the car, and I stupidly wasn't carrying any food or my torch. I won't make that mistake again.

Only dodgy phone photos were taken as the camera was left at home due to dubious weather conditions (wind gusts of ~80 km/hr and the chance of rain). If any of them are decent I'll post them up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, have a map! Cliquenzie!

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