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So, this happened:

Let there be doof

Taiko Drum goes doofing... )

drum (1)
My taiko family <3


  • Hanging with my wonderful taiko friends, from ages 16 to 66

  • Nailing Matsuri after being moved onto one of the really loud drums at the last minute

  • The crowd loving both our performances

  • The live music & performances in the Velveteen Lounge

  • Carving up the dance floor with Lynden (age 66)

  • Jamming @ Camp Taikoville

  • All-in musician's jam with Em-Dee (amazing range of noises can be got out of a Japanese hand drum!


  • Hitting a festival already tired after a week-long audit (no personal space for 6 days!)

  • No sleep on night 1

  • High-speed yatai & my dodgy performance

  • Hitting the exhausted, hungry and over-it wall with 3 hours to go until my lift home

  • Doof-doof music is noisy and boooooring

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  1. I dropped my phone into a mug of tea on Sunday (talented, I know). After a few days to dry out, it works again!

  2. I have been officially made a performer at taiko! Unfortunately I'll miss my first performance opportunity next weekend as I'll be on my way home from a work trip to King Island.

  3. Said work trip to King Island has provided me with the perfect opportunity to pay [ profile] flinthart a visit. It's been over a year since we've caught up in person, so that will be just great.


And we're not even British...
Hostel hijinks, Cusco, Peru. Photo by [ profile] katmeow
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Taiko is the best therapy.

(i'm going to hurt in the morning in interesting ways)

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Melbourne is trying her very best to seduce me.

A perfect blue-sky day, impossibly warm for this little Tasmaniac still shaking off the winter. Lying on green grass in the sunshine, shooting the breeze, drinking far too much coffee in funky cafes, spending time with my Melbourne peeps and the physical expression of joy that is taiko.

Today was a half-day of drumming and dance workshops with Wadaiko Rindo (and Corch & Leah). Tonight is a taiko concert. Tomorrow is catching up with more lovely friends, with nothing more pressing to do than enjoy myself.

Monday brings work in the Melbourne office, and a frantic 3 days it will be, but Monday night there is more drumming goodness with the Kodo & TaikOz concernt. Hooray! Then home again, home again on Wednesday night to my sweet little city curled around the Mountain.

Melbourne, you'd have a chance of stealing my heart if it wasn't already spoken for.

Cusco, Peru
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I missed this last Monday, being responsible about work instead. *sad face* But here's my Taiko troupe, messing about with an impromptu performance on board the Cartela ferry, crusing the Derwent Estuary, to celebrate the end of Taiko Camp and to farewell our founder and head teacher, Simon.

We'll miss you Simon! Taiko Doramu is family. Taiko is love.

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Taiko remains one of the best things ever. If I have to leave Hobart i'm going to miss my group of mad drummers so very much.

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Taiko! Why did I not take it up years ago? It's music, exercise and socialisation all wrapped up in one energising package and served with a dash of Japanese culture.

I missed the last two weeks of training due to sickness ( it's hard to drum when you can't breathe properly) so had a steep curve today to catch up to the rest of my class. I do so enjoy being challenged and stretched to the very edge of my capabilities. I made plenty of mistakes, but by the end of the class I had all the rhythms down and was managing at least a vague semblance of the more complicated forms. By the time we stopped my arms ached, I was covered in sweat and on a total taiko high.

The only downside is getting home at 9 o'clock and still needing to eat dinner and wind down enough to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Do-ko, don-do-kon!

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