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Yeah, that's right, rich chocolate cupcakes. Gluten free, and hopefully delicious (I haven't tried them yet - feel a bit sick from licking the bowl and sampling the icing). I am a kitchen diva today. A flour-coated diva, but a diva none the less.

I didn't get to the bread though. Funny that. But I did defeat the epic pile of dishes my efforts generated. Now? Sleep! Well, as soon as the sugar wears off...

Edit: Housemate sent me a text, unpromted, telling me the cupcakes are delicious. Housemate is a chef. We'll chalk these up as a (somewhat misshapen) success then!
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Veggie chilli with red rice: om nom nom!

As well as dinner, that's a couple of lunches for next week. I've also made up a pile of GF muesli and whizzed up some hummus. One I've tamed the mess in the kitchen I need to whip up a chocolate cake for Housemate's birthday, then if I still have any cooking mojo left I'll knock up some bread. Not sure I'll make it as far as the bread though!

All this following on a walk on the mountain today that was more rock-climb than walk on places (I strained muscles in my toes! I didn't know you could do that!). Hooray for public holidays!

Wish me luck with the cake: gonna try converting my Nanna's recipe to gluten free. *crosses fingers*



Sep. 26th, 2011 10:45 pm
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The lovely Miss [ profile] zenandtheart has been visiting for the last few days, and much fun has been had.

There's been epic cheese consumption, drive-by tours, surprise snow, chocolate pudding, sun-lazing, drunken cookery, Monday-night cocktails, the dish-fairy and much excellent conversation.

Meanwhile work is getting scary with everything behind schedule and much to complete before christmas. My non-work time leading up to christmas is also looking remarkably busy, but the next few months are filled with exciting plans and many good things to look forward to. It's going to be a great summer.


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I had a lovely time this weekend.

Single Gay Optomist Bright & shiny hope

On Saturday the boy and I attended the Marriage Equality rally here in Hobart, as part of a national push to draw attention to the shocking policies of both major political parties on same-sex marriage in the upcoming election. For those overseas, despite 60 % community support for same sex marriage, both mainstream political parties have stated they will not support it (despite our current PM being a declared aethiest with a lesbian misister! Poor Penny Wong, I feel for her being the kicking post for this issue). The speakers and participants at the rally made me feel proud for what we stand for and we were both glad we attended. I took the opportunity to grab a few photos of the very lovely crowd, and I'm quietly chuffed with the results.

Saturday night we had our new friend K over for dinner, which turned into a late night with K staying over. I think we can chalk that one up for a win!

Queer cuddles :) A pointed sign

On Sunday I baked cupcakes for the RSPCA cupcake day, while the boy provided a funky soundtrack, cracking out the vinyl on his decks (he mixed, I beat). I made gluten-free lime & poppyseed cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and gluten, dairy & egg free (vegan!) dark chococalte cupcakes with mocha icing. The vegan ones turned out suprisingly well given the lack of buttery goodness, no doubt due in part to the large amount of melted dark chocolate I added to the recipe! Well worth the effort for the smiles on the faces of my digestively-challenged colleagues when they found out there were tasty treats they could eat. I don't know how much our team raised, but if you fancy making a donation you can: go to (sorry, you don't get any tasty treats for your efforts, but I can provide recipes, or owe you treats in lieu).

Right shirt Rainbow family

Now it's onwards full-pelt into the week, with the federal election looming this coming Saturday. A pox on both their horrid, homophobic, racist, incompetent parties.
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Made for yesterday, left-overs devoured tonight:

Vanilla and Frangelico mini-meringues floated in raspberry coulis with whipped organic cream.

Yum, I say. Yum!

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