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That's how many pictures we took
on our honeymoon

here's one's a start...
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So, Alex and I haven't been home for a while. Three weeks in fact. We're too far away to pop back for a night. So where are we?

* Where we are, the weather is pretty much the same as at home right now, except wetter.
* Here, we have friends and relatives to stay with.
* Where we are, it's quite flat, though it gets mountainous a few hours north.
* You can get good curries here, and lots of chips, though they're crap.
* It's more crowded than home, and I'm missing the sun a bit, but other than that and the chips it's not really that different, only with more history.

Do you know where we are? )

On Holiday

May. 8th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Being on holidays is definately agreeing with me. It's been two weeks, and a week since the wedding, and I'm finally winding down. We're out amd about, going for long walks and generally relaxing. I bought myself Pratchett's "Thud" and devoured it in 2 sessions. Now I need to find a new book to read.

We made M&M cookies from memory and with lots of vanilla. Best ever. Hiding away from most of the world and perfecting the art of sleeping in. I'm struggling to keep up with LJ, so please let me know if I miss anything important.

Lots of content fishylove,

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So, it's been a while.

We extended the trip by 2 weeks, which means we arrive on May 4th and leave on June 15th. We're overnighting in Singapore to catch up with [ profile] drspleen. So. Very. Close!

Carolune, Ongar: we're free from ~ May 21 to May 27 (or longer if we skip the beer festival), then the 29th/30th to June 12th/13th.

Jen: May 15 to 21st we're all yours. Longer if you want. =o)

I've got five-and-a-bit weeks paid leave out of eight. And I'm off work now until June 19th, after which I'll hand in my resignation and finish two weeks later. By July 1st I'll be free! Yay yay yay yay!

It's all systems go. Wheee!

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