Jul. 13th, 2011 09:15 pm
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Dove Canyon
Dove Canyon, Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Claire National Park

Let the power and the beauty of life run through you
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Good morning!

I have no idea why I'm awake an hour before the sun this morning, but I am, so I decided I may as well get up and see what the day has to offer.

I got back from Cradle Mountain yesterday evening, tired and completely blissed out on life. I had a fantastic time, trekking about a beautiful place with brilliant company. My friend Nat and I have drifted in and out of each other's lives for 19 years now, but after this weekend it feels like we've finally got to know each other properly, as remarkable grown women. I have many pretty images to share with you all.

Reality has been something of a rude shock after a long weekend of wilderness bliss, though I did very much enjoy a long soak in a hot bath last night! And now it's the start of a brand new day. The sooner I head into the office, the earlier I can escape this afternoon, so I'd best make the most of this pre-dawn never-when.

Love & light,
T. x

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I'm about to head off to have myself a little holiday. I'm off to Cradle Mountain with a friend for an extended weekend, with plans to do lots of hiking and photograph the Fagus, Australia's only native deciduous plant. I've been looking forward to this for weeks!

I've been so excited about it, in fact, that I went and destroyed my budget last weekend and came home with this beautiful object:


Oh yeah!

It's really cold today, so hopefully that means the weather will be fine and I'll come home happy and exhausted with some rather delicious photos.

See you Sunday night!


Bush magic

Mar. 12th, 2011 02:57 pm
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Filtered light spots the forest floor,
Illuminating divas among detritus.


The fallen leaves hold their breath, the
Silent mosses tremor in anticipation, watch


The dance unfolding there,magnificent
In perfect stillness.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Miss Jessica Marie.


Jess graciously agreed to act as model in order for me to practise portrait photography.


Although I still have much to learn, we had a lot of fun (aside from occasional frustrations with uncooperative light), plus I'd like to think I did an ok job.


But judge for yourselves, and please let me know what you think!

There's lots more photos, including my favourites, behind the cut! )
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These days aren't getting any slower. Thankfully it's a long weekend here, so I'm getting a chance to catch up on sleep and get over this bug that's lodged itself in my sinuses.

Almost Kiss


I am so far behind in photo processing and uploading it's pathetic. There's ahead of Tassie photos sitting on Flickr waiting to be posted yet, but instead I'm sharing some of the shots I took at my friend's wedding last weekend.



I was reluctant to take on the job, as it was a last minute request and things are manic at the moment with work, but they were in a jam. It's a full-on gig, this wedding business!


Unfortunately I got sick at the reception due to gluten contamination (beetroot is so not my colour), so missed out on the cake, etc. But we made up for it with a great fun trash the dress shoot the next morning. So much fun! The water was pretty cold though (and yes, I went in too).

Wet Kiss

Wet Look

Many thanks to Adrian and Mari for going along with our crazy ideas. I just hope they like the results!
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Crowd by Alex
...waiting... (photo by Alex, used with permission)

Last week Alex and I went out on a school night to see Regina Spektor play at the Tivoli theatre. Doors opened at 6:30pm, and since it was a Monday night we assumed the gig would start around 7. How wrong we were. The old theatre grew stale with people as we waited an hour and a half for the support act to come on. We passed the time playing with the camera and chatting to the folks around us, including uber fan-boy and his unyeilding BO. We were tired, our feet ached and our noses threatened to strike, yet we did not move, for I had staked a spot as close as I could get with a clear line of sight to Regina's piano. The collective impatience was palpable, and then a small man, a boy really, with Tom Baker hair and an accoustic guitar emerged stage left. He instroduced himself as Only Son and strummed out 20 minutes of pleasant tunes to the accompanyment of his iPod, then told us a stream-of-conciousness story about a koala.

Only Son
Only Son rocks the Tom Baker 'do'

Another wait ensued, but only half an hour or so, then a face with a mischevous smile poked out from behind a curtain. The audience got a wee bit excited and Regina Spektor hobbled out, supported by a fancy black cane. My view of the stage disappeared as people pushed in and my smaller stature gave them the advantage. I'm bigger than Regina though: she's quite short, and remarkably beautiful and gracious (even when she's being naughty). She introduced herself, apologised for being high on pain killers, showed off her cane and arduously limped to the piano. Once seated, all appearance of fragility vanished. When she plays the piano she is suddenly bigger, stronger, more vibrant. Her quiet voice and shy mannerisms vanish and there she is, in glorious voice and completely present. In short, she is wonderful.

Regina Cane
Regina shows off her cane

The show contained a good mix of material from all her albums, at least once you included the encore. Twice, I think, Regina embarked from the piano for the guitar, via a treatcherous walk across the stage. We (the audience) would have been happier if the roadie had carried her (she's small enough), rather than wincing in sympathy at every step, but she made the trip without incident each time. She slowly exited at the end of her set, only to return for the encore.

Oooh Face
She pulls the greatest photos when she sings

The show was excellent. All her pieces were performed flawlessly, with the exception of a stumble in "Us" in her encore. Not bad for a girl high on pain killers. A show well worth catching, should you get the chance. More photos behind the cut. )


Jul. 15th, 2007 05:38 pm
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As you've probably guessed, the home computer is working again. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] stephanduke who took the ram out, jiggled it and put it back in again. The benefit of a working home PC is I can play with photos again. The down side is that Photoshop locks more often with the files from the new camera. You win some, you lose some. When I'm less poor [1] I'll invest in a new MoBo, chip, video card and monitor. Eventually...

We've had a lovely weekend after a busy first week back at work. Not only did we get see the mischievous [livejournal.com profile] drspleen and his LSF, who's company we had been bereft of for the last 12 months, we also got to take the internet-free [livejournal.com profile] blue_kitten to our new best local coffee-shop, and had the pleasure of a visit from Adrian and Mari, who have upped and left Sydney to join us here in drought-stricken Brisbane. A weekend full of people we love is one well spent.

I am officially smitten with my new camera. Not only can I now take proper macro pics (as you can see - these ones have not been edited), I can also shoot in low light without pixellated graininess. I have some photos from the Regina Spektor concert that are quite frankly amazing considering the conditions and my inexperience with single lens reflex. I'll get around to processing the cream and posting them up sometime this week, and eventually I'll start going through the 1.5 gig of shots from our holiday.


[1. when I stop spening all my money on fish, photography and concerts]
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...a good place to tread

The further along this path I go, the further I realise still lies ahead.
With each step up the light pours in.
How much further still to rise,
Only time shall tell.
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15.09.2006 Dresden Dolls @ The Arena, Brisbane, Australia

That afternoon I stepped off the plane from Sydney, took a taxi home, washed the travel off me and put on my dancing clothes. I had a concert to go to.

We missed ZenZenZo due to the early start necessitated by the all-ages status of the gig (which also likely accounted for the prominent police presence). By 7:30 I'd worked my way to a suitable viewing station on the mezzanine level (for the Arena-familiar, near the booth area, which was cordoned off due to structural difficulties (holes in the floor!)). The Red Paintings appeared, suitably bizarrely attired, and took the crowd on a sonic ride with electric violins and violas, drums and guitars, and a vocalist channeling Maynard Keening and Brian Molko.

Between the Paintings and the Dolls we were treated to Jason Webley's piano accordion and spoken word version of "Hey Ya" (by Outkast) and I consolidated my position against the railing whilst the crowd played along.

Then Amanda Palmer (in a faded Iron Maiden T, hot pants and suspenders) and Brian Viglione (plus bowler hat) entered stage left and I know we were in for a rocking show. It didn't take Brian long to loose his shirt, much to the approval of the fan-girls, as his frenetic drumming left him dripping with sweat. We all sang along to the songs we knew and delighted in the live show lyrics ("I can even fuck him in the ass..."in Coin Operated Boy).

With Brian on guitar they gave "Port of Amsterdam" the full cabaret treatment (confusing some in the audience) and covered a range of material, including their version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs". In the midst of the massive build-up for "Half Jack", Amanda broke a keyboard peddle and a replacement was rushed on stage while they continued playing. Tunes from both the old album and new were performed with gusto and when they left the stage all too soon an encore was furiously demanded. Striding back on stage, Amanda showered the front rows with beer in rock start style (delivered from the mouth) before taking the drums for a riotous dissection of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" with Jason Webley on accordion and Brian on Guitar.

The night climaxed with a performance of "Girl Anachronism" that shook the ceiling, the crowd revolting against security and ignoring the barrier to have a dance. Then it was over and the crowd filed out: a sea of black and gothic fashion at 10:15 pm. I felt I should want a cigarette.

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