The Welding

Nov. 5th, 2009 09:09 pm
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So, the wedding was lovely. I'm really glad I went, despite the trip wiping me out for the next 3 days. Finally starting to get back on my feet again now.

Just married

Brisbane was also lovely, despite the inescapable road works and the traffic. The weather was utter perfection and I've been feeling the chill since I got back to Hobart. The jacarandas were coming to the end of their bloom, with splashes of purple decorating the city, and the air was fragrant with early summer. It was really very hard to leave, especially saying goodbye to friends! Massive thanks to the lovely bride for fighting through airport traffic on a Friday afternoon to collect me, and to [ profile] drspleen and P for collecting me on Saturday afternoon, feeding me curry, plying me with a puppy and driving me back to the airport far too early on Sunday.


Anyway, on with the photos. I didn't take many, and I certainly didn't take any good ones. Far too much effort to focus on composition and exposure when standing, walking and talking are a challenge. The bride and groom were as beautiful as ever, the bride suitably stunning, and the "goom" successfully wrangled (I was in charge of making sure he had everything he needed [rings included], the house was neat and tidy, and we all got there without falling apart). I did my official duty and autographed all the essential paperwork to make everything legal and thoroughly enjoyed watching two of my best friends looking so happy. =o)

Old Friends

I can't wait to go home for Christmas.
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Looking for light inside of dark places,

Sea cave

In search of a way to shine on through,


I've been knocked around and feeling down,

Tasman Arch

But I still smile when I think of you.

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Sonnets on Love XIII

"Give me a place to stand," Archimedes said,
"and I can move the world." Paradoxical, clever,
his remark which first explained the use of the lever
was an academic joke. But if that dead

sage could return to life, he would find a clear
demonstration of his idea, which is not
pure theory after all. That putative spot
exists in the love I feel for you, my dear.

What could be more immovable or stronger?
What becomes more and more secure, the longer
it is battered by inconstancy and the stress

we find in our lives? Here is that fine fixed point
from which to move a world that is out of joint,
as he could have done, had he known a love like this.

by Jean de Sponde


NB: First photo and poem from H&P's wedding, second photo from M&A's wedding. =o)
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This was supposed to be a beautiful long post about our friends drspleenH & P, telling all about how we met and how wonderful the two of them are. Unfortunately, my computer blue-screened half-way through writing it, so you're going to get the very condensed version instead...

A Flowers

On Friday, 08.08.08, our wonderful friends [ profile] drspleen and the LSG (now LSW) got married. We had the joy of attending their wedding to celebrate with them. It was a perfect day, and we couldn't be happier for them, fantastic people that they are.


Although I was an ordinary guest for the day, I did sneak in a few photos, though I must admit, weddings are much more fun when you're not working! For a few more shots of my beautiful friends, please take a peek behind the cut )
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Mount Warning from the Pinnacle look-out (Wollumbin, the cloud-catcher)

The mountains are my heart country. Although I miss the ocean I can never leave my silent green gods. Over the Christmas break we went up into the cool green for a day of re-charging. A cool shower for my soul, I love these places.

The scenic rim - looking sourth from the Pinnacle

This is the Border Ranges National Park, headwaters of the river I grew up on, the Tweed. Dad used to take us out here on day trips years ago, and Mum would pack a picnic to enjoy, settled next to the creek. It had been far too long since I'd been back, so when I heard moondildoAdrian and Mari were up for a day-trip while here on holidays I suggested we go.

The scenic rim - looking north from the Pinnacle

Dad lent us the 4-wheel drive and I made us a picnic of left-over Christmas turkey sandwiches, coffee and biscuits and off we went. West from the coast, following the river to Murwillumbah, then out past Mount Warning (Wollumbin) and follow the signs to Kyogle, then turn left at the top of the ridge. It feels like coming home, pushing deeper into the rainforest as the bellbird calls fade into silence.

A native member of the ginger famile

We spent several hours exploring the details and grandeur of forest and lookout and creek. We saw a crayfish foraging along the creek bed, oblivious to our watchful eyes above. The lace-work trunks of Arctic Beech hung with long strands of dripping moss. We breathed the clean, damp air and lamented that we were not alone: the peril of national parks in the holidays.

Brindle Creek bush walk this way!

The day quickly became late, and having run out of coffee before lunch we departed, heading for home past a pair of pretty-face wallabies grazing on the verge. We stopped in to give Mari a cultural experience and were pleased to see the place and people looking better than they had in years. After a coffee and a wander it truly was time to drive back to the coast for a warm shower and sleep at the in-laws house.

Brindle Creek

Stay tuned for the upcomming missive: close encounters of the Border Ranges kind!

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